My Second T300 Racing Wheel Is Dead!

Just a few weeks ago, I posted about my T300 Racing Wheel being dead. While Thrustmaster still hasn’t repaired/returned that wheel, I bought another one so that I’d have one to use and a spare for the future. Turns out that was a bad idea. The second T300 wheel I’ve purchased has died in the exact same manner, just faster.

As someone with a degree in computer/electrical engineering, I thought, maybe this wheel is sensitive to current fluctuations? So I bought and used a surge protector and a powered USB hub. Nothing was going to take this new unit down! Wahaha. Except, yeah, two weeks later the new unit is also dead. So now I’m out $150 for another motor unit plus $50 for powered hub and surge protector. Fun times Thrustmaster.

However, I’ve learned my lesson. It is time to sync more money my personal budget doesn’t have into this hobby. I’ll let you know which route I go. I know you are on the edge of your seat. 😛

Facebook And Garth

Some of Garth Brooks songs are kinda funny now. “What She’s Doing Now” still holds true, except you could just look it up on Facebook. Then you’d know what she is doing now. (And if Facebook told you who viewed your profile, she’d know what she is doing now is killing you, because you won’t stop viewing her profile)

Capture Dates Missing In Lightroom

Google Photos release was monumental for photos. Unlimited storage and an easy interface to actually find your photos was revolutionary, and most people don’t even realize this yet.

After the release of Google Photos, I exported all of my Lightroom photos and uploaded them to Google Photos. For the most part, this worked wonderfully. I can scroll through time and find photos like a champ. However, about 2,000 photos are listed in Google Photos with the upload date from over a year ago. Today I’ve dug into this issue and it seems that about 2,000 photos do not have a capture date in Lightroom.

In order to fix this, I have a system. First, I create a smart collection of photos with a capture date in the last 30 years. Then I have to drag those photos into a regular collection. Then I create a smart collection of all photos not in the regular collection of photos with a capture date. Why this hackiness? Lightroom won’t let me create a smart collection of photos without a capture date.

After finding what photos don’t have a capture date, then I have to go through each one and go “Metadata->Edit Capture Time…”. While this is quite a chore, hopefully I’ll never have to do it again, and luckily most of my photos are stored in folders with those name is the capture date.

Thrustmaster T300 Racing Wheel Dead

After 11.5 months, my T300 Racing Wheel is dead. It was a Christmas present that I really liked. Amazon has many reviews claiming this device is awesome, until it stops working. You can even find YouTube videos of people attempting to fix their wheel. I crossed my fingers and hoped I wouldn’t be one of those people, but it seems I will be.

Why write a post about this? Part of it is the quality failure annoys me, but the bigger reason is that after a phone call and then some emails, Thrustmaster demanded a video of their device failing in order to even start the RMA process. As an electrical engineer who spent years as a USB device driver software engineer, and a business owner who has answered 100,000+ emails, this is frustrating. I’m not demanding a refund and I certainly don’t want to be without the wheel during an RMA return. I have every reason to NOT want an RMA and to fix this at home, but that isn’t going to happen.

So here it is, the video showing that this hardware is dead two weeks before the warranty runs out. I’ll post more details as they come along. 🙁

Many Blogs

At this point, I have three blogs.

This one.

JRT Studio


My goal isn’t to post everything to all blogs, but to post everything to this one, which I’m starting today. If the post really blogs on one of the other sites, I’ll officially host the content there and link there. My goal though, is to post everything here.

Funny Thought

I had a funny thought this morning which was my inspiration for creating this blog. However, while going through the trouble of installing WordPress, I forgot my thought. I’ll post it if it ever comes back.