Pixel XL Vs. iPhone 7 Plus Low Light Comparison

Disclaimer: This isn’t scientific, this is just something my friend and I tried. However, we both have DLSRs and have taken more than 60,000 photos together. Nathan has even taken professional photos.

A month ago, my friend Nathan and I were celebrating with some friends, and I had my brand new Pixel XL and he had his brand new iPhone 7 Plus. After reading all the blogs about how great the Pixel XL, we just ran this quick test. Default settings, but the flash turned off.

iPhone 7 Plus
Google Pixel XL

As small thumbnails, these two photos with the flash off aren’t too dissimilar. However, when you zoom in, you can see which phone you’d certainly rather have.

iPhone 7 Plus
Google Pixel XL

There you have it. With these two phones, we can reproduce this anywhere, anytime, just give us some low light. My phone is bad enough in low light that I really do wonder if I got a dud. My other theory is that the cool HDR software cannot make up for what appears to be a better sensor on the iPhone 7 Plus.


Google Home Initial Thoughts

I’ve been living with Google Home in my kitchen for a month, and here are my initial thoughts.

  • This does get used as a timer quite a lot when cooking
  • “Play Stranger Things on the living room TV” doesn’t work. Kinda works for YouTube, but controlling other Chromecasts is pretty poor right now
  • When I say “OK Google” my phone and Google Home both give me the answer as the Google Home is tied to Caroline’s phone
  • Google Home can play music and I can cast to it, but the living room TV with nice speakers make it so I never actually want to
  • Right now, this thing is a really expensive kitchen timer. I think it has good potential, but is an extreme luxury at this point