iPhone 7 Plus vs. Pixel XL – Round 2

I posted my previous comparison of the iPhone 7 Plus and Pixel XL on Reddit. Not that surprisingly, the people of Reddit weren’t impressed and let me know that I messed this comparison up. It must be my shaky hands! So, I did the same experiment again on Friday. Same location, same time, and this time, my friend took both photos, so the holder of the phone is the same.

Android Pixel XL
Apple iPhone 7 Plus

You can click the thumbnails to download the originals. I won’t crop the images this time, as someone will say that I didn’t do it right. Sure, the angles are slightly different, as this is a real world test, not a scienfic┬átest. I’m just showing that my friends iPhone 7 Plus takes better low light photos than my Pixel XL.