My Second T300 Racing Wheel Is Dead!

Just a few weeks ago, I posted about my T300 Racing Wheel being dead. While Thrustmaster still hasn’t repaired/returned that wheel, I bought another one so that I’d have one to use and a spare for the future. Turns out that was a bad idea. The second T300 wheel I’ve purchased has died in the exact same manner, just faster.

As someone with a degree in computer/electrical engineering, I thought, maybe this wheel is sensitive to current fluctuations? So I bought and used a surge protector and a powered USB hub. Nothing was going to take this new unit down! Wahaha. Except, yeah, two weeks later the new unit is also dead. So now I’m out $150 for another motor unit plus $50 for powered hub and surge protector. Fun times Thrustmaster.

However, I’ve learned my lesson. It is time to sync more money my personal budget doesn’t have into this hobby. I’ll let you know which route I go. I know you are on the edge of your seat. 😛