Thrustmaster T300 Racing Wheel Dead

After 11.5 months, my T300 Racing Wheel is dead. It was a Christmas present that I really liked. Amazon has many reviews claiming this device is awesome, until it stops working. You can even find YouTube videos of people attempting to fix their wheel. I crossed my fingers and hoped I wouldn’t be one of those people, but it seems I will be.

Why write a post about this? Part of it is the quality failure annoys me, but the bigger reason is that after a phone call and then some emails, Thrustmaster demanded a video of their device failing in order to even start the RMA process. As an electrical engineer who spent years as a USB device driver software engineer, and a business owner who has answered 100,000+ emails, this is frustrating. I’m not demanding a refund and I certainly don’t want to be without the wheel during an RMA return. I have every reason to NOT want an RMA and to fix this at home, but that isn’t going to happen.

So here it is, the video showing that this hardware is dead two weeks before the warranty runs out. I’ll post more details as they come along. 🙁